Rebranding a website

I am interested in re-branding a website in search engines. I am starting off simple and have reviewed a few dog supplies found on Amazon.com to develop content to be crawled and indexed. The website not long ago was used to sell dog gift baskets for a neighbor, to make a long story short there just wasn’t enough sales to make it worth continuing. In this case the first task is to train (or divert) robot crawlers to remove reference to old content and index new.

I am looking to build out in a new direction which can be complicated. For those of you who know anything about removing content and changing the course of a website this can lead to all kinds of issues because search engines are very primative. In order to succeed I must rebrand and develop a new flavor to get human exposure from organic search. With organic search comes links and yes, traffic.

You also might have heard the line “Do not build websites for search engines, build them for humans” but there will be no humans visiting if the site does not rank for a few things in organic search.

I review items to help others out in finding stuff they are looking for online so it fills a purpose, wish me luck!

Update: I had a second thought and renamed the site Abby’s Pet Gifts & Supplies to not limit it to just dogs.

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