Planet Earth DVDs

Planet Earth DVDs come in 11 parts, on four discs, and offers exciting educational audio-visual insight into the realm of Nature for everyone, better than actually going to a zoo, using film technology to the limits bringing distant and uncivilized regions into the comfort of your living room.

The astonishing, the awesome, the awe-inspiring… What aspects of this giant planet we live in, really come to life and bring that feeling of power to life? The awesome power of Nature is everywhere, and this series takes hold of it, reintroducing Nature into our lives, preparing us to witness the magic that silently surrounds our cities

Planet Earth Trailer

Do you want to see the Siberian Tiger before it disappears? Or any of the worlds most magnificent environments, before our greed has taken the very last? BBC Warner has produced a masterpiece of film making, using the most incredible techniques and traveling to the most unique locations, to find what little of the truly unique still remains in the womb of the planet that first gave our civilization form.

This widescreen, color DVD, narrated by David Attenborough, produced by BBC Warner studio, released in April of 2007, running a total of 550 minutes on four separate discs, for all regions in English with subtitles available in Spanish and French as well as English has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 rated foreveryone and the whole family, originally broadcasted in the UK with an extra 90 minutes not seen on the Discovery Channel at a high definition of 1080 pixels as well as BD-25.

Sir David Attenborough brings Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series to the wide screen for a digital age, where tall mountains, deep and magical caves, arid and dry deserts, shallow seas and seasonal forests collide side by side to take you on a tour of the wild earth, from pole to pole and on to stewardship of all those last precious resources left in Nature, slowly effected by the uncontrolled ways of human kind.

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