Blending Google Adsense

I have been blending Google Adsense into a few of my websites to study where people prefer to click and have found an interesting trend. People who click Adsense are fully aware of what they are clicking because they choose the ad block that is highlighted and clearly labeled “Ad Center” rather than the one that has no border and is blended into the website template.

Below are two images, one is to show how I have Adsense setup on my website. Adsense covers an entire column to the left of the content because it is believed to be a “hot zone” but look where people are actually clicking. That’s right, they are clicking in a little 200 x 200 pixel box that has a black border on the right of the website!

I tested this for a few hours over the last couple of days and can now safely conclude that consumers looking to buy stuff prefer transparency over trickery.

3 Responses to “Blending Google Adsense”

  1. Hmm, how long have you been testing this? It’s a very interesting result you’ve shown there.

    I, for one, would’ve expected more people clicking on the ‘blended’ ads rather then the blatant ads.

  2. Yes sir, I tested it on multiple sites and yes, people are in fact clicking the most obvious ad placements. Could this say that people who shop via Adsense like doing so?

  3. That really surprises me, my experience says just the opposite. I always thought people couldn’t even see the ads. I believe our brains learn how to avoid them: they are annoying and there is no time to click on them.
    There has to be a different explanation, perhaps consumer psychology is the answer: the subject of the web gets different kinds of people with different behaviors.

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