A blog for an author

I am developing a blog for an author named Maria Channell who is publishing her first mystery book titled Ellis House in January. Maria is already working on her second book late into the night because she works, has two boys, cooks and takes care of a husband and home. I can relate to the time management thing because I am a stay home dad.

When Maria is ready to blog, I will set her a login and password and she will be blogging on her way (that is, if she chooses). Now she sends me copy and I post it as well as offer advice on how to market herself online. I highly suggest getting to know WordPress, it is more than just blogging software, it is a powerful content management system!

If you are an author (or just someone who has something they want to market in a low cost, efficient way) talk to me and I will set you up on my new virtual private server.

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