Hi, welcome to my blog! I am taking on a manageable amount of new clients this year at extremely affordable rates. What I offer is personalized web coaching, domain hosting, web design and marketing all in one. I am mainly interested in helping artists, authors and craftspeople build an internet footprint and sell their product, services or information online. If you are interested in finding out more talk to me and I will work within your budget to help you succeed. I will also not accept any client I do not believe has something useful to offer others online and no money will be passed until you are up, running and confident in your skills to do it yourself. Your success is my success! -Aaron Pratt

A blog for an author

I am developing a blog for an author named Maria Channell who is publishing her first mystery book titled Ellis House in January. Maria is already working on her second book late into the night because she works, has two boys, cooks and takes care of a husband and home. I can relate to the time management thing because I am a stay home dad.

When Maria is ready to blog, I will set her a login and password and she will be blogging on her way (that is, if she chooses). Now she sends me copy and I post it as well as offer advice on how to market herself online. I highly suggest getting to know WordPress, it is more than just blogging software, it is a powerful content management system!

If you are an author (or just someone who has something they want to market in a low cost, efficient way) talk to me and I will set you up on my new virtual private server.

Planet Earth DVDs

Planet Earth DVDs come in 11 parts, on four discs, and offers exciting educational audio-visual insight into the realm of Nature for everyone, better than actually going to a zoo, using film technology to the limits bringing distant and uncivilized regions into the comfort of your living room.

The astonishing, the awesome, the awe-inspiring… What aspects of this giant planet we live in, really come to life and bring that feeling of power to life? The awesome power of Nature is everywhere, and this series takes hold of it, reintroducing Nature into our lives, preparing us to witness the magic that silently surrounds our cities

Planet Earth Trailer

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Rebranding a website

I am interested in re-branding a website in search engines. I am starting off simple and have reviewed a few dog supplies found on Amazon.com to develop content to be crawled and indexed. The website not long ago was used to sell dog gift baskets for a neighbor, to make a long story short there just wasn’t enough sales to make it worth continuing. In this case the first task is to train (or divert) robot crawlers to remove reference to old content and index new.

I am looking to build out in a new direction which can be complicated. For those of you who know anything about removing content and changing the course of a website this can lead to all kinds of issues because search engines are very primative. In order to succeed I must rebrand and develop a new flavor to get human exposure from organic search. With organic search comes links and yes, traffic.

You also might have heard the line “Do not build websites for search engines, build them for humans” but there will be no humans visiting if the site does not rank for a few things in organic search.

I review items to help others out in finding stuff they are looking for online so it fills a purpose, wish me luck!

Update: I had a second thought and renamed the site Abby’s Pet Gifts & Supplies to not limit it to just dogs.

Blending Google Adsense

I have been blending Google Adsense into a few of my websites to study where people prefer to click and have found an interesting trend. People who click Adsense are fully aware of what they are clicking because they choose the ad block that is highlighted and clearly labeled “Ad Center” rather than the one that has no border and is blended into the website template.

Below are two images, one is to show how I have Adsense setup on my website. Adsense covers an entire column to the left of the content because it is believed to be a “hot zone” but look where people are actually clicking. That’s right, they are clicking in a little 200 x 200 pixel box that has a black border on the right of the website!

I tested this for a few hours over the last couple of days and can now safely conclude that consumers looking to buy stuff prefer transparency over trickery.

Multiple aStores

As promised Amazon is now offering multiple aStores under one Associate ID and will give an extra 4% on earnings from aStore redirects (purchases). I am taking full advantage of these features simply because iframes do not junkify a website. Iframes separate ads from content much like Google Adsense does so they can coexist in a search engine friendly environment.

With this version of aStore you can now:

  • Build and maintain multiple aStores under one Associate ID
  • Feature up to 54 products in each category
  • Create custom categories containing products from multiple Amazon categories
  • Create multiple instances of individual Amazon categories
  • Control the display order of the products on each page
  • Specify products to feature on Category and Subcategory pages
  • Populate products to categories using Listmania lists

(from Amazon email notification)

Earning a little revenue from Amazon and Google keeps one motivated and multiple aStores allows you to do so from multiple websites or blogs.

Internet Content Trust

Rhetoric and Dialectics

Ever since the invent of rhetoric, more than 2,500 years ago, the art of being an orator has shifted greatly, but now, more than ever with the advent of internet content, has the art been about honest trust.

Rhetoric comes from the ancient Greek root words eir (orate) and tekn (art), which together forms the art of the orator, or the art of speech. And like all forms of art, the artist must be creative and passionate about their art.

Passion and creativity are essential to good internet content, but also, the truth must be told. To this the word dialectics comes into play. Dialectics comes from the ancient Greek roots dias (exchange) and tica (ethics), the exchange of ethics or morals.

Good internet content is built not merely on creativity and passion alone, but also trust. Without being able to truly trust what we read, we never want to read anything. And we need to trust that what we read is what we want to be reading.

That can be very delicate nowadays out on the internet, where people need to sell products and services quickly and inexpensively.

Optimizing companies sell internet content for cheap rates, but how many sell trust? People want trust. And in the endgame, long-term sales in any market are determined by who inspired trust and who did not. Those that do not inspire trust are only interested in short-term profits, and will never last.

Being heard today might be everything to a person today, but tomorrow, unless they truly spoke with passion, creativity and from the heart, they will not be heard again tomorrow. Like a single match flame that burns brightly fast then dies soon after.

Product reviews, site reviews, online magazine reviews, informational articles, five paragraph articles, newscasts, blogcasts, 250 word limit, 500 word limit, 1000 word limit, 1500 word limit, half an hour, one hour, two hours, four hours…etc.

Content is about these things, sure, but being organic and offering what people want to read has nothing to do with web spiders. They may be slow, but the spiders will catch up.

The internet is a grand achievement and the more people do things the wrong way (focusing on technology) the more the technology will advance and change.

What will not, nor has not changed in the last 2,500 years, are the laws of rhetoric and dialectics. Passion, creativity and trust make for a long-term relationship between internet content writers, the marketing agency, the products site and the products client (web surfer).

Who is going to finally read the internet content? What do they want to read? If you cant write the truth about a product, then people will not want to read it, final.

People want to hear appealing things sure and less the unappealing. But if the unappealing is essential to being straight forward and honest, it needs to be told because it is the truth.

People want to enjoy what they read; that is passion. Being passionate about what we write is what opens the gates of creativity and honest trust. Creative internet content is the kind that builds on ones own experiences and knowledge with just a twist inspired by the passion of the poetic muse.

The flurry of keystrokes in a fire of fueled passion that is directed to one element, the readers trust is what makes internet content last, and endure the melting torch of the algorithm for all time.

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